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Posted by Leonard (Member # 2) on February 02, 2019, 05:53 PM:
Posted by MI VHNTR (Member # 3370) on February 02, 2019, 07:16 PM:
It was -34 F here yesterday morning. It might have gotten cold if gloBULL warming didn't exist. [Roll Eyes]
Posted by Leonard (Member # 2) on February 03, 2019, 11:09 AM:
I think it's all about honesty.

When the Left can grab any condition and any event and claim that it supports their ideas, that's not an honest position. It gets cold, aha, proves GLOBAL WARMING, or the slippery, sleazy concept, CLIMATE CHANGE....whatever the hell that means? Why not make them define it?

If they think they can claim any extreme weather supports their idea of CLIMATE CHANGE, apparently conservatives have lost the ability to ask logical questions. Such as; show me how subzero temperatures in Kansas, in January proves that humans will destroy the earth in 12 years due to GLOBAL WARMING!

Like, even now, nobody holds Looney Leftists feet to the fire and asks them to explain that 20 year PAUSE in rising temperatures....even when manipulating data? They love those computer projections where they can plug in a few bogus numbers and those visuals with the hockey stick. That wows them every time. Yawn.

I don't get it and I never will. But, make no mistake, the BIG LIE has been repeated often enough that it is a given. Now, you would have to be living under a rock not to know how real and how important and desperate is CLIMATE CHANGE.

Fortunately, they don't need to prove this stuff anymore. Look around you, folks. Forest fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, polar vortexes, it all proves CLIMATE CHANGE and BY GOD! We need to do something about it! And Liberals need to be in charge of the solution!

Good hunting. El Bee
Posted by Cdog911 (Member # 7) on February 03, 2019, 05:33 PM:
Subzero in Kansas... young kid down the street, maybe 12, trapping with his stepdad. They come down to my fur shed when the lights on and I try to get to theirs, knowing all the memories I carry from those conversations with the "old guys". Today, Slade came by as I was wrapping up three coyotes and a cat we got this morning to talk fur. He remarked how wet and muddy and generally miserable this season has been. Made a comment about how cold it got a couple times and what that all meant. I assured him that way back when, when I was about his age, those days were pretty much the norm in these parts.

The problem is that the lefties feed the current youth customized bullshit that conveniently leaves out the facts about how it was once colder than hell, then for a year or two got warmer than hell, then maybe drier than hell, then wetter than hell, and that the only thing we know for sure is that none of that shit is gonna stay the same. These kids and young adults are trained to think of climate within the context of just their short lives without even considering that weather has been going on for eternity.

I assured Slade that next year, it will be wet, maybe dry, colder or even warmer than now. None of us will know until we get there so why not just polan for a little bit of everything. Chances are, we'll get that "everything", often on the same day. Hell, couple years ago, Kansas had its single largest wildfire in state recorded history, burning the entirety of, like five counties, and 1600 square miles. At one point, they had to pull fire crews out of an area where it was sleeting and snowing lightly while the fire burned, because a tornado had been detected on weather radar. Some of the firefighters saw this small tornado, backlit by fire, through a veil of falling snow. That's phucked up right there, but that's Kansas.

Nope. No big scary change. Just weather. Young folks just need to learn not to be scared of shit.

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