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Author Topic: There must be a better use of time for us shutins
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Icon 2 posted September 09, 2022 12:44 PM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 
I just spent more than an hour reviewing the thread at PMS and as Gommer used to say: Surprise! Surprise!

Yes, Redfrog checked in less than an hour ago and having smelled money, seems willing to listen.

Yes, archive is a noble idea, but just previously, Mr Skinny started in with the tech people and web developers and of course, these people need to be compensated, and my math has atrophied a bit but it sorta kinda sounded like $50,000?

Here's the problem. Bruce Kennedy had a vision and built his Board "Shadetree" as strictly a hobby project. Then, he helped Will Craig get Predator Masters started and he helped reconstruct it when somebody destroyed it. I stepped into another ready made situation and what I would like to say is that it really should be someone's dream. I think Zuckerberg did it himself, he didn't need 10 investors or maybe he needed a banker who said yes.

As to what skinny said about his traffic coming from MOBILE DEVICES, that's a problem all by itself. Dorsey had the right idea with Twitter, 140 characters on a smart phone. Sure, for casual conversation, it works, but I don't think knowledgable predator hunters are going to contribute to archive contest while they are tapping away for benefit of the hungry newbie, hungry for solid information, that it. And, don't forget, anybody that knows anything is not eager to share the keys to the kingdom with some dipshit sporting a one minute attention span.

Redfrog just smelled the money, that's all he knows: Buy me out, suckers! Also, as was mentioned several times, the site must be self sufficient. Ten, or 50 investors need a profit and loss statement and a little renumeration, quarterly? So, maybe you need an attorney to spell it all out, dot the i's, etc.

As Stu said, they apparently tried to revamp things some time ago and it just peetered out. The odds are, it won't be successful this time either.

One guy bankrolling everything, somebody with skin in the game. This socialist concept will not work, even if you can find 50 guys with a thousand dollars that they consider chump change. It's too fucking Corporate! Same reason that you need these tech guru's and then you need LEGAL to keep everyone honest.

You know, one thing Skinny said was about revenue and ads and here we go again! That's why PM needed all those Moderators, to protect the advertisers so someone didn't get free, what Foxpro was paying for.

And that's the problem. On Huntmasters, the BUCK stops here! Ego never had anything to do with it, I just didn't want a partner using his influence on what was said. This is why I do not see it working for Skinny, unless he fronts all the investment costs himself and keeps any income generated for himself. You can't have two dozen chiefs until the thing becomes wildly successful and there is a need for a Boardroom and a CFO, etc.

Skinny, develop your You Tube deal and forget about all this historic content. Unless you want to bankroll the whole Enchilada, and then, you need a few people to get out of the way. That's my two cents, for what it's worth.

Good hunting. El Bee

PS I saw lb mentioned a couple times that they missed deleting.... about my head exploding because what Dave said, or something? just, lol

[ September 09, 2022, 12:45 PM: Message edited by: Leonard ]

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Icon 1 posted September 09, 2022 04:03 PM      Profile for Kokopelli   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
I went 'over there' but couldn't find the thread that you mentioned. Short attention span and all of that. Got sidetracked surfing on line porn and now have the urge to watch old Bo Derrek movies.


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Icon 1 posted September 10, 2022 11:56 AM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 
Your good news is that I just sent you the link; and only because it doesn't seem right for me to post a link to PMS on Huntmasters after all of their dastardly deeds towards me, your humble servant and against HM in general. And for what?

I believe the public is still waiting on a public audit as to where all the money went and since traffic appears to be severely diminished for quite a while, maybe their's not so much revenue worth fighting over, IDK?

But Redfrog still has an account here on HM, so he can pop in and give us the lowdown any time he see's fit. Gee, I can hardly wait!

You know, tripping down Memory Lane, for a moment: There was much speculation and desire to save all the archives from THE SHADE TREE and POSSE COUNTRY and the first edition of Huntmasters. But, none of that got past good intentions. Nobody wants to do the work for zero recognition and compensation.

And, Peanut Gallery, that's probably what is in store for Predator Masters, when all is said and done. See, for all the nuggets of wisdom, there are a thousand dumbshit comments and snide, rude remarks that don't need to be preserved. So, who is the keeper of the flame? Who decides what is important to save for humanity? Myself, I'm thinking that at the next renewal, I probably won't bother to continue talking to myself, even though I do like sharing my thoughts politically, and here is the actual situation....

The GOLDEN DAYS of Predator Hunting has past. I will always blame Foxpro for bringing coyote hunting to a bunch of Dinks who do not deserve the technology, and abuse and educate each year's crop of pups. It's very much like being afraid to sit behind a bush and call a turkey for fear that some asshole will deliver a "Sound Shot" at the eager Nimrod.

I was sitting on stand with my grandson, Aaron a couple years ago up in northern Arizona. We had the Foxpro cranked up and pretty soon, some dude in a pickup with the windows down heard the call and stopped, whipped out his scoped rifle and snuck up beside a bush, looking for a wounded rabbit or whatever? But Aaron was sitting on the other side of that bush and they engaged in a short conversation and laughed it off, whereupon, he walked back and continued down the road.

You have to understand that the best hunting is earlier every year before the pups are educated. When we drove to eastern Colorado one year for the St Francis hunt; those animals were so much called that they would run in the opposite direction for elevation and turn to spy back where the sound was coming from and most likely detect 1) the device, 2) the vehicle, and 3) the hunkered down predator hunter. And, at night, run like greased lightning if they ever see a waving spotlight!

It's all fucked up, folks! Killed the Goose that laid the Golden Egg! It's too saturated, too many amateurs with a Foxpro, spending all day, educating 20 coyotes and killing maybe 2 dumb ones? By December, it's really hard hunting, might as well wait for "denning season" and changing tactics.

You people of the Peanut Gallery would not believe how it used to be! These days, they need pure studio quality sound. Back in 1970, I used to call dozens of coyotes a night with a scratchy car 8 track tape deck. Have you boys ever seen one? But the coyotes would come in eager, not run the other way and climb a hill to surveil the situation.

It's a joke, folks. It's gone! Like those noble gentlemen, those Southern Knights, it's gone with the wind.

I never was the best, but I knew most of them and got lucky once in a while. A dozen coyotes in one day. 22 coyotes in a weekend; not uncommon. Those were the days, my friend!

Good hunting. El Bee

EL BEE Knows It All and Done It All.
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Icon 1 posted September 12, 2022 11:12 AM      Profile for Semp           Edit/Delete Post 
I got banned by the toad the first time for questioning their 501(c)(3) status and wanting to see the tax return. Rejoined under a different name and got banned again for questioning the wrong people. The toad is all about the Benjamins.

I wasn't hunting coyotes back in the days you speak of, LB, and can only dream of 12 in a day and 22 in a weekend. In the woods on small farms and on public ground where I'm at it is easy to go stand after stand and no joy. But when it happens it is worth it.

Always remember: That court appointed psychiatrist is not your friend.

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