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Author Topic: 42 cents per mile or 13 cents per mile
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Icon 1 posted August 28, 2022 06:54 AM      Profile for Aznative           Edit/Delete Post 
Here is an example of a chevy volt hybrid that cannot run without a battery or electric motor unlike the Toyota Prius which is a series parallel system. The estimate to replace the battery pack was slightly under 30,000 dollars. The car is 10 years old and has only 70,500 miles.

Dividing the 30,000 by 70,500 and you will come up with a cost per mile of 42.5 cents per mile.

Assuming you could get 30 mpg with an ICE engine, you could divide 70,500 by 30 mpg, and you would end up using 2,350 gallons of fuel. Assuming $4 per gallon times 2,350 you would have a cost of $9,400 which is 1/3rd the cost of replacing a battery pack. Doing the math on cost per mile you end up with fuel costing you 13 cents per mile. -the-alleged-30000-chevy-volt-battery-replacement-bill-196941.html

My calculations above do not consider this is a hybrid which will have a fuel cost on top of the 42 cents per mile.

EVs are not ready for prime time IMHO

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Icon 1 posted August 28, 2022 07:35 AM      Profile for Kokopelli   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
Dumb question; (I don't know squat about EVs)
Why don't they put solar panels on EVs to prolong the charge ????


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That's a fair question, ko sit down!

Just kidding. Look, as far as I am concerned, this electric vehicle bullshit is just behind GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE in big major LIE Department.

Every single one of their save the fucking planet schemes is pure horseshit!

But, as we all know; if you repeat totally inaccurate "facts" often enough, the Drive By citizenry will suddenly, partially pay attention just long enough to think about it and ponder it long enough to reflect and consider the subject and then start thinking: Umm, gee I think I have heard about this, we got 12 years to save the planet or we are doomed. I guess it was Joseph Goobbels that set up the game plan; hammer away at Jews and their secrets and lies and they are obviously inferior sub humans, and on and on; oh and they are stealing your money and they are basically bad people, so round them up and everybody says....hey, yeah, I seem to remember something like that, it's been going around for a long time so it must be true, right?

Look, here is the situation in a nut shell. It is not C02, or the ozone hole or any other atmospheric phenomena that is trending up or down or sideways. We have a single contribution factor to the changing earth's climate and it involves SUNSPOT ACTIVITY, originating 93 million miles from earth and this causes big ice ages and small ice ages and sometimes causes (GASP) CLIMATE CHANGE! We worry about something so massive and beyond the scope of human intervention that it is beyond pathetic, it's beyond reason and beyond ludicrous. It's even beyond stupid, and yet the whole world can't sleep at night worried about rising tides and <How Dare You!> WTF?

Humans have an oversized brain and this is always what's getting us into trouble; we think too fucking much and we designate Greta (the sky is falling) Thunberg as the WOKE conscience of the planet. And that right there should tell you the asinine stupidity of worrying about conditions that cannot be controlled, no matter how much we outlaw plastic bags and soda straws! It's really hard to believe that we allow ourselves to be lead around by the nose by John Kerry and his 6 homes and 2 yachts, 3 surf sailboards but only one luxury jet for attending Global Conferences in Davos, where he will expound on the little people sacrificing more carbon credits to save the planet! And this dipshit has zero qualifications, all he has ever done rather well is marry a couple of vulnerable rich widows.

But, I tend to ramble whenever someone pushes my fake ecology button so excuse the rant.

Good hunting. El Bee

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