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Author Topic: Come November
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Icon 2 posted July 03, 2020 11:51 AM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 
I just stole this from a reply comment over at National Review. He says this election is important, if you give a shit about the country, fer Kryst sake, VOTE FOR TRUMP!

Otherwise this will happen, in all probability:

43 minutes ago
This is totally irrelevant to your vote in November, because this election has nothing to do with Trump. This election is about saving the Republic, and civilization.

If the Democrats are given unitary control over the White House, Senate, and House, they will immediately move to ensure that the Democrats never again ever lose an election. They will do this by:

1. Eliminating the Senate legislative filibuster by a simple majority vote. Unlike in 2010, as we were trying to prevent Obama from destroying the private health insurance market, there will be no fighting over Scott Brown's 60th Senate seat. Everything that follows will be passed by a simple majority.

2. The next step will give Puerto Rico and DC statehood, packing the Senate. The bill will be introduced by Nancy Pelosi, passed by Chuck Schumer, signed by Biden, and the governor/Senate will immediately seat four more Democrat senators by appointment. The Democrats will never again lose a Senate vote.

2. The Democrats will give voting rights to illegal aliens. This will turn Florida and Texas as blue as California and New York. The Democrats will never again lose a House majority or a national election. Pelosi and Schumer pass it on straight party line votes, Biden will sign it, and it will be law.

3. Should the Supremes even HINT that they MIGHT declare any of this unconstitutional, the Democrats will pack the Supreme Court with reliable party apparatchiks. Again, Pelosi and Schumer will add as many justices as they need on straight party line votes, Biden will sign it, and everything that the Democrats do will henceforth be "constitutional."

And then the legislation will flow.

4. The FEC and IRS will be empowered to prevent any group from raising money to oppose Democrat "elections", Citizens United will be overturned (as Democrats already promise), and anti-Democrat speech will be labeled "hate speech" and forbidden (as Democrats already promise). Obama did part of this with the IRS but was blocked in 2013 by the Republican Congress. No blockage this time, and the packed Supremes will find this all "constitutional".

5. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will expand its powers to determine what you can buy with your credit cards. No guns ("Hell yes") (as Democrats already promise), no credit card donations to political opponents ("hate speech"), and the packed Supremes will declare it "constitutional". John Roberts, trembling before the Democrat totalitarians, just let the CFPB stand last week. The Democrat did not even need to pack the Supremes for you to lose your right to engage in free and open commerce.

6. The Green New Deal will be implemented "day one" (as Democrats already promise). Pelosi and Schumer pass it on straight party line votes, Biden will sign it, and it will be law. Hydrocarbon drilling will be stopped. Cars will be rationed. Home sizes will be limited. Maybe a few will have the courage to sputter opposition. But private citizens who object to the destruction of civilization will be doxed as "enemies of the planet", be fired from their jobs by terrified companies, see Youtubes of their sobbing daughters asking to be saved from their "horrible parents", and see their spouses forced into public denouncements of their "anti social" activity. Again, the packed Supremes will declare this all "constitutional". And even without unitary control, the Democrats are ALREADY DOING THIS.

7. The Democrats will completely destroy medical innovation by removing "evil profit" from healthcare, as their House bill signed by 106 Democrats representatives promises. Yes, the goal of removing "profit" IS ACTUALLY IN THE BILL. Millions will die of diseases that were never cured, but we will have "free" health care.

8. Democrat racism will become our governing creed. If you are accused of a crime (e.g. campus sexual wrongdoing), those whom the Democrats oppose will be denied due process, as happened under Obama-Biden. Democrats will impose "reparations", where those with the incorrect polymorphisms in their DNA will be forced to pay money to people who have the correct polymorphisms (as Democrats already promise). Again, the packed Supremes will declare this all "constitutional".

9. You will be required to hold your 401K "savings" in US bonds, while capital gains taxes will be paid at 50% rates based on inflation-created "gains". Your savings will be lost, so that in old age, you will be TOTALLY dependent on what your Democrat plantation massahs deign to give you. Nothing more since you will have no savings to pay for anything more. With a filibuster-free Senate and a packed Supreme Court, the Democrats can simply have you euthanized, as Ezekiel Emmanuel suggests.

This is what the Democrats are TODAY promising (except for the last part of 9, where they are not yet daring to do so).

And YOU are worried about whether or not Trump reads his daily briefings, which NO president does?

If you read German, go here:

Here, Hindenberg just gave Hitler unitary control. Hitler then moved to secure that he would keep control via the "Ermaechtigungsgesetz" (empowering legislation). Listen to the opposition leader Otto Wels sputter that Hitler did not need this security. And listen to how Hitler JUST DOES NOT CARE.

The Democrats will do everything above with no sense of shame. As with Hitler, Democrats are fully certain that they are just doing what is necessary. To save the planet. To "spread the wealth around". To punish Zinn-evil America. To re-educate the deplorable racist homophobic Americans who oppose them (after all, these people SHOULD NOT get political power). And to "bend the arc of history" towards Marxist "justice".

The Democrats think that they are going God's work. They NEED power to do this. And if YOU give it to them, they will do what they think they must do.

EL BEE Knows It All and Done It All.
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Icon 1 posted July 05, 2020 03:43 AM      Profile for NVWalt           Edit/Delete Post 
Amazing how history wants to repeat itself.

Support Communism. Vote Democrat.

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Dave Allen
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Icon 1 posted July 06, 2020 09:41 AM      Profile for Dave Allen           Edit/Delete Post
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