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Author Topic: need input
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LB, have you and your daughter thought about buying a house together in AZ or where ever with a inlaw build? It's like a little apartment with your own entrance and so forth. You have your life somewhat and your daughter is right next door for help. You could keep the rifles and Tilly and Pinky.
You are going to have to do something and assisted living isn't the way to go for you.

another long hot smoky summer coming

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Paul Melching
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Icon 1 posted April 20, 2022 05:46 AM      Profile for Paul Melching           Edit/Delete Post 
I'm with EW! I just couldn't live at seizure world ,
Not doing so well my self this Parkinson's has hit me real hard ,, fell for the first time the other night! landed on my forehead ouch! still able to do my duties just much slower!

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Icon 1 posted April 20, 2022 05:51 AM      Profile for Semp           Edit/Delete Post 
Consider moving to The Villages in Florida. They are located near Orlando and I hear, from a very good source, the old folks are swapping and mating like rabbits. They even furnish those little blue pills.

Always remember: That court appointed psychiatrist is not your friend.

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Icon 1 posted April 20, 2022 10:36 AM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 

What great input! First of all, Shell has been married for 30 years and I know she is tired of living 430 miles away but how that shakes out as far as relocating in AZ, well, it remains to be seen. We all have to agree on something. I'm sure we all have wondered how ko ko pulled up stakes in Washington State, threw a dart at a map and decided to settle in the obscure community of Safford? I bet that would be an entertaining as well as an informative read.

But Shelley's quest started with San Diego and there is not a damned thing wrong with that, if you can ignore the fact that it's still in The people's Republik. Then, because her sister in law had a second home in Palm Desert, (see how that works?) they even made a scouting trip down there. But because I keep wishing I could live in Dove Mountain they even considered it. Best argument is again: NOT CALIFORNIA!

Suddenly, she gets on line and starts the research and mentioning feeble dad they always bring up "assisted living" I guess because ....I don't know, actually?

There are parts that are appealing but it seems just a bit too confining, and I'm not even talking about firearm policy. I've already been thinking that I need to cull the herd, so to speak. I think with a little critical race thinking, I could get it cut in half easily.

And it just dawned on me, Paul Melching? Damn, Man! where have you been? You better hang in there! I don't know what Parkinson's is? But I hear ya on the falling I have fell 3 times and had a few near misses. This last one ain't my fault, I have an energetic pup on a long leash and she stretched it as I was carelessly stepping over it and she literally jerked me off my feet when the cable got taut-stretched, clotheslined, that sort of thing and damn! it happened so fast I don't know how I got my hands up to protect my face. Anyway, I do remember when my grandparents lived in a trailer park in Phoenix and he fell off the damned roof! At the time, he was my age and I was thinking, that's pretty stupid, grandpa! He lived another 15 years.I think he was 96 and it was pneumonia, and my grandmother was batty as a loon and had him out in the cold otherwise he would have made it to a hundred.

I have recently understood the dangers of falling a lot better than I did when I was 35.

It would be very nice to take a couple weeks and go check out potential sites and locations. You know, Safford is possibly the only berg I haven't been to in AZ, and if I passed through in the middle of the night, it didn't register. But trust me, I know Arizona pretty good. That's what makes it so hard, I like all of it. Speaking of which, Vic must miss it, although that Florida panhandle is very agreeable, I have to admit. We don't get dolphin's in the Buyeu's I suddenly don't have a clue how that is spelled, but it refers to like inlets and back bays from the Gulf. I think it's because his son is airforce and must have been stationed on Eglin AFB at one time; as I was, at one time. The exotic and mysterious Hurlbert Field, which was a secure SAC Base when I was there and they had what they called the Guatemalan airforce, which consisted of Thunderbolts and I think they were B26's, I even went up in one. I knew the flight surgeon and he had access to everything, including all the jungle training mockups, which I'm pretty sure they are still using today, sixty years later. Most of the Delta and the Seals and Recon outfits have all been to training at Hurlbert Field, it's quite a place, near Pensacola or Panama City, I forget which, right now? But if you are with one of those elite units, you have probably been through training at Hurlbert Field. At the time, we were jumping, (considering jumping) on Cuba and Judge Advocate Corps made us do a Last will and Testament, that and some non disclosure docs. I believe the entire 82nd Airborne was right there, so that could have been WWIII, and now everybody has pretty much forgotten about the civilian bomb shelters people were digging in their back yards. Those were the good old days, ya know?

So, who knows? I really like it, anywhere around Tucson. Another Assisted Living place was/is in Sierra Vista and they must get a lot of ex military because of Fort Huychuca, (no corrected spelling)

You know, I could have bought a nice little cabin in Ajo for less that $10,000, at one time? I think they were company housing owned by Phelps Dodge. Sleepy little town. Always liked it even though there's not much to it and everything is not close, but as a desert getaway, it has the charm. Also, I always wanted to explore more of the Barry Goldwater range but not enough. You have to take a class, I don't know? But they do have unexploded ordinance laying around, you want to be careful. They have remote landing and takeoff pads all over the place, probably overgrown with weeds by now, but the coyote hunting is/has potential.

That's the thing. Arizona has so much potential, it's sickening! AND YET HERE I AM! Will I ever realize my dream of at least fifty friggin' years? Wasted, but on the other hand my property values has gone through the roof! Almost hate to cash in thinking what it will be like in another year. But then again, they say the crash is coming so get out now! But AZ property is going up too!

Who knows?
Good hunting. El Bee

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Icon 1 posted April 20, 2022 10:53 AM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 
I just looked it up, Paul. Motor skills: n the early stages of Parkinson's disease, your face may show little or no expression. Your arms may not swing when you walk. Your speech may become soft or slurred. Parkinson's disease symptoms worsen as your condition progresses over time.

I can't see where that would be a result of your throat situation, like you needed something else to worry about. So,I actually didn't know? I thought Parkinson's was a type of cancer? But it's nervous system disorder, don't swing your arms while walking? If that don't sound like Joe Biden! He walks like what we used to say; holding a corncob up his ass.

Just hang in there, Buddy! Thanks for posting, check in as often as you can!

Good hunting. El Bee

EL BEE Knows It All and Done It All.
Don't piss me off!

Posts: 29912 | From: Upland, CA | Registered: Jan 2003  |  IP: Logged

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