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Author Topic: Savage help please!
Ariel Perez
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Icon 1 posted July 19, 2019 08:06 AM      Profile for Ariel Perez   Email Ariel Perez         Edit/Delete Post 
I know this is a long shot but would anybody on here happen to have an extra blind mag for a savage model 10 short action? It’s the center feed mag not stagger feed, center feed mags stay in the stock when you take the action off. If anybody has one and would be willing to sell it to me that would be amazing. Running out of options here and I can’t find them online anywhere and really don’t wanna buy a conversion kit but may have to. Thanks for your time men


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Icon 1 posted July 19, 2019 09:40 AM      Profile for Kokopelli   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
Don't have any clips that size but do have some trail cameras for you.
Give me a call.

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Icon 1 posted July 22, 2019 06:29 PM      Profile for Cdog911   Author's Homepage   Email Cdog911         Edit/Delete Post 
I can't help with this request, but it reminds me of an experience I had with Savage that I really need to tell you about.

My .22-250 is a Savage and when I bought it, they threw in a cheapo Simmons scope. I had no need for the scope, so it was no big deal when the reticals on it were defective as soon as I put it on a .22 Marlin I use for trapping and squirrel plinking.

So, I'm thinking, "Hey, I paid for the scope, too", so I looked Simmons up online and called their customer service number where some ass hat on the other end basically told me that I got what I paid for and, because I didn't actually "buy" their scope, it was Savage's problem.

Well, up to that point, I was "meh", no big deal. Thirty dollar scope, if that. Toss it and move on, but I didn't like that fucker's attitude, so back to the interweb to find out how to call Savage and let them know of my experience. Turns out, at that time, it was kinda hard finding a real phone number that a guy could just call, but I eventually did. I called, and left a message. Got busy and missed a couple phone calls from what I discovered was a Connecticut area code, and the last time, he left a message for me to call him direct. Customer Service Manager. Home phone number. Not shitting ya. I called the number and he picked right up. I could hear clinking in the background and the guy was fixing dinner for his family. I apologized for calling him as it was about 615 pm there. He told me not to worry about it, I shared my experience with him, and he thanked me profusely for making him aware of what had happened. Sent me a new scope, too.

At the other extreme, Bushmaster. Long story less long, I bought a new product, AR15, from them that was a total POS. Out of the box, combat sighted, grouped at almost 16 inches at 25 yards. Yeah, you read that right. Called them up and they said they'd send a box to return it in. Six weeks later, got it back - told me the barrel nut hadn't been properly indexed - and I couldn't get it on a poster board sized target at 25 yards. Called them back, sent me another box. Returned it. Five months later, I still hadn't gotten it back. When I finally got hold of them, they said it was a bad barrel and they didn't have new ones yet. I was pissed. Suggested that they just refund me my purchase money. Told me no.

I was being published 4-8 times a year by that point and reached out to my editor at T&PC. Told him I didn't feel comfortable playing the "Do you know who the fuck I am" card, but Jared emailed me back and asked, "Does he know who you are?" Then, he gave me permission to advise the guy who I was and that I routinely appeared to 50,000 readers every month and that he had just blown his chance at a mountain of free advertising in photo support and that it sure sucked to be him. An hour later, I get a call from the Managing Editor of Gun Digest. His office was two doors down from Jared's and Jared had stopped by to tell him about my situation. T&PC carried Bushmaster ads, but they were bought through a third party as a package with a bunch of others. Gun Digest had "a guy" at Bushmaster with whom they dealt directly. He called "that guy", told him what was going on and that there was a pretty good chance 50k people would see a very detailed review of that particular product, or they would hear about how the situation was resolved.

Now, Q knew about this in real time and I'm not self-important enough to say this, or even think this, but even Q said that the guy should have seen the screw up coming and the potential for blowback and, instead of yanking me around, just grabbed the best rifle they had coming off the product line in a different model and shipped it to me with profuse apologies included. I just wanted my money back.

I don't know what went down at Bushmaster, but the guy in charge of the gunsmithing department emailed me the next morning and asked me very nicely to fax him a copy of the original purchase receipt. I did and a check from Bushmaster in the full amount was mailed to me via Priority mail, received it in two days.

Hope Ariel finds a magazine. I would suggest you reach out to Savage directly. Maybe they'll help you like they did me.

[ July 22, 2019, 06:36 PM: Message edited by: Cdog911 ]

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Icon 1 posted July 24, 2019 05:55 AM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 
There used to be a radio program on KFI by a consumer advocate guy. The thing I thought was humorous was a constant theme, he talked about various Companies "Customer Service" Department, only he always referred to the CUSTOMER NO SERVICE DEPARTMENT. What he meant was that it's almost institutionalized across the country that the customer will not get much satisfaction, its more like pulling teeth, to get anything from "Customer Service."

Unfortunately, I'm not able to play the:
DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM? card. like Lance. lol Sorry, Lance, I couldn't help it!

Good hunting. El Bee

edit: by the way, I can't think of the name, but there used to be a company out in Lancaster, Antelope Valley that had vast amount of obscure parts in warehouse, might have been Stackpole, or something like that?

edit: well, google didn't turn up the one I had in mind but it did pop up this one:
Numrich Gun Parts Corporation
226 Williams Ln.
Kingston, NY 12401

[ July 24, 2019, 06:04 AM: Message edited by: Leonard ]

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Ariel Perez
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Icon 1 posted August 16, 2019 10:06 AM      Profile for Ariel Perez   Email Ariel Perez         Edit/Delete Post 
I wish I had some pull like you do Cdog but unfortunately I don’t. Good customer service is hard to come by these days.

Thanks for the tip Leonard, I had checked that website before and didn’t have any luck finding the right blind mag that I need. I ended up finding one on eBay and ordered it a few days ago. This will definitely be the last time I use a savage action to build a new gun. I like the older savage models but it’s hard as hell finding parts for them. Thinking about making the switch to tikka but we will see.


Posts: 57 | From: South/eastern Az | Registered: May 2016  |  IP: Logged

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