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Author Topic: And we off to good start
Hello, I'm the legendary Tim Anderson, Field Marshall, Southern Minneesota Sector
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Icon 1 posted December 26, 2022 05:23 PM      Profile for TA17Rem   Email TA17Rem         Edit/Delete Post 
Got coyote the night before the big storm with my thermal and today was the dogs turn to get out there.
Free-casted dogs in 2-mile section which is good all season of and on, fill in area.
Dogs got about halfway through then a few of them split off to look for tracks on own or they just hit a feeding area all tracked up.
My boy Max went back south and Parrell to the tracks they made going in about 100 yards off to one side. Max came to the creek and lit up by old beaver dam with dens around. Lost his signal for a spell as Max went into a beaver den and pushed a coyote out of it.
Max took the coyote back west into another section and got to middle then coyote ran straight north pretty much. Other dogs was harking to Max but they were way behind so I caught them up when they hit the road and then went to look for Max.
I didn't have a GPS signal, so I kept driving north and then another section west and then back north. I picked up his and coyotes tracks in mean time as they was running the road ditch. Finally got close enough to get signal from Max and I looked at the Garmin and saw that Max ran coyote for six miles. Coyote went back into a field and lost Max on a windswept hill as Max couldn't pick up the track, so I called him back to road and drove around section to see where coyote came out.

I found the track coming out of field about 1/4 mile from where Max lost him, and coyote was headed back south running a big circle like they normally do. I grabbed my Tina first she is my speed demon with dam good nose and put her on the track, she lit up so I let her go and then unloaded all the dogs in the box.
My dog Uno was coyote hungry and passed up Tina in short time and took lead running heads up eyes on track. Uno got some legs on him and stretches way ahead before feet touch ground and you could say he runs like a Gazelle, so graceful and I love to watch him run.
Coyote track led to a farm grove on the corner of it, uno goes in and coyote comes out with Uno on its ass and now running eyes on with all heart.
They crossed road and into another section then coyote goes to a willow patch and loses or gains ground on Uno. It happens all the time and about only advantage the coyote has to try shake the dogs off its trail. Sometimes they run small circle in the willows going over same track it first made. Coyote will do this 2-3 times then jumps off the track and hides or just keeps going and try get a lead.
Dogs working the track in willows getting it sorted out and finally back on it but coyote now has some lead. Coyote hits some tall grass then slips out and ducks into the bottom of drainage ditch and runs the ice. Dogs made it to the ditch and I sat where it crosses the road and just waited for something to happen. I see dogs coming down the straight away but no coyote in from and thought there must be a pipe it got into.
Max was still way behind the others and all of a sudden, I lost his signal and thought crap he ducked into a pipe. Dogs in ditch heard his barking so they harked back to Max and I waited.
Soon dogs were all packed up then I lost all their signals as they went unground you might say.
I drove out to them and saw there was a tractor cross with big pipe down center of driveway, so I got out of truck and looked down at end of pipe, one end was drifted shut another end open. I had to bend over and make my way into the pipe with my pistol and flash lite and got to other end where dogs had coyote bayed up. Done deal. Almost dark so I got dogs loaded up along with coyote and went home. I checked my Garmin and the dogs ran 12 miles total, that get them in shape.

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Icon 1 posted December 26, 2022 06:12 PM      Profile for Leonard   Author's Homepage   Email Leonard         Edit/Delete Post 
That's a good story!

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Hello, I'm the legendary Tim Anderson, Field Marshall, Southern Minneesota Sector
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Icon 1 posted January 07, 2023 05:02 PM      Profile for TA17Rem   Email TA17Rem         Edit/Delete Post 
The day wind finally settled down so I could get the dogs back out, and the coyotes started to move finally with all deep snow.
Took dogs to a vacant farm grove we've been to before and both times the coyote won by ducking into a pipe or just running down a gravel road. My main dog uno made the jump in a short amount of time and Uno and his son Thor pushed the coyote out of the grove and then across a open field heading north.
Soon two other dogs came out of the grove and was in on the chase and I knew at this time the coyote was headed for the dam pipe so I tried to get over to north road and cut the coyote off, but he beat me across. I could have burned little powder on him but the dogs were so close behind I let them continue to have their fun. Sure, enough the coyote ducks into the drainage ditch where the pipe is located but the pipe was snowed shut, and here come the dogs. LOL
The dogs continued to push for another mile and the coyote was now headed for some CRP across the road in next section. I made my way over and got there in time with coyote about 300 yards out and still coming in my direction, it wanted to get into the tall grass pretty bad. I knew sure as hell the dogs would catch it in tall grass with all deep snow and I didn't want to have to snowshoe in to drag it out so I popped a mag. into the AR and walked to front of the truck to make ready for a shot. The dam coyote was still on a straight course for my truck and now I had no choice but to defend myself and let one shot go at the coyote which was about 100 yards out and closing.
I made a nice neck shot and soon dogs showed up and my pup Thor gave that dead coyote hell. Thor is going to be just like his father, one coyote killing machine.
Got a E-mail yesterday and one of my pups is headed to Wisc. to join her litter mates and run bear and coyotes with them. Its all coming together for as far as my breeding program goes and I got a order for 5-6 puppies if I decide to breed female again. Gona go eat and then head out for some thermal calling and become the hunted.

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Icon 1 posted January 07, 2023 05:53 PM      Profile for Kokopelli   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
Sounds like you had a better day than I did.
Made 7 stands today and called in exactly nothing.

And lo, the Light of the Trump shown upon the Darkness and the Darkness could not comprehend it.

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Hello, I'm the legendary Tim Anderson, Field Marshall, Southern Minneesota Sector
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Icon 1 posted January 08, 2023 02:24 AM      Profile for TA17Rem   Email TA17Rem         Edit/Delete Post 
Went calling last night and called in one but had to take a long shot on him. 350 yards with the thermal.
Temp.s was -11 brrrrrrr. The new caller seemed to work well on that coyote, but I had a looker at 1/2 mile just wouldn't budge no matter what I tossed out there. But its ok as this coyote stays in a grove across road from my kennel and even stops in to tease the dogs but his day is coming.

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"There are some ideas so absurd only an intellectual could believe them."--George Orwell.
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Icon 1 posted January 08, 2023 06:08 PM      Profile for Cdog911   Author's Homepage   Email Cdog911         Edit/Delete Post 
Driveway tubes were the bane of my grandpa's existence when he coursed coyotes with staghounds and greyhounds. He finally ended up making six ten foot long pipes that would thread together with the end one having a four inch square plate with steel spikes welded to it. He'd screw the sections he needed together while my dad or uncle would each get a dog by the collar in each hand and wait at the other end. Grandpa would shove that thing in his end until until he poked the coyote in its ass and dad and my uncle would give the coyote a thirty yard head start before releasing the hounds. Your story brings back some fond memories.

Took a buddy out yesterday to check traps as a way of distracting him from losing his mom, his wife's grandmother and a friend's mom in less than a month. Called five (3 single and a pair). I got the first single and my side of the pair. Been a good trapping season for me as I've worked to distract my own self. Set a goal of forty coyotes and ten cats. I've got 14 cats and 38 coyotes as of today. About an even split on coyotes called versus trapped. Not bad for only having 6-10 sets out each day. Had a few exciting experiences along the way. It's been good to focus on something other than grief.

I am only one. But still, I am one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something; and, because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.

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Hello, I'm the legendary Tim Anderson, Field Marshall, Southern Minneesota Sector
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Icon 1 posted January 13, 2023 04:37 PM      Profile for TA17Rem   Email TA17Rem         Edit/Delete Post 
I do the same thing Lance with a snow rake converted over to a coyote getter, and has a sharp hook on one end. The critter is killed off by the dogs or dispatched by me, don't matter which. Hook it and then pull it out and move on. Most people don't realize this but if a coyote holes up in a certain brush pile or pipe there is a 90% chance it was born there. Thats the educational thing about running dogs after coyotes, the coyote if it has a good lead will lead the dogs right to where it was born. Could be as little as a 1/2-mile chase or over 20 miles it will show you where it was born. Over the years had coyotes jumped near a drainage ditch with 3-4-5 drainpipes but the coyote always picked a certain one to run into. Also when I group hunted and we hunted close to a drainage ditch someone was always posted up on top of the end of a certain pipe, it was a given the coyote would head for that pipe.
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Hello, I'm the legendary Tim Anderson, Field Marshall, Southern Minneesota Sector
Member # 794

Icon 1 posted January 13, 2023 05:00 PM      Profile for TA17Rem   Email TA17Rem         Edit/Delete Post 
over 18 inches of snow here and the weather finally gives a guy a break. I loaded up Uno, Max, Laser, Thor and also took Tina off the injured list as she wanted to get back out and hunt, that's what they live for. Casted dogs into section across road from my kennel and dogs went through to the bridge. I picked up all the dogs cept Tina and Uno as they were running a older track and I wanted to see where it took them plus this was a big section and I didn't want the dogs to bay one up in there as just 2 will push it out. Dogs hit big willow patch in the center and both lite up and started to push there coyote north, so I drove over to north end of section and just watched and waited. Dogs got about 1/8 of mile from me still coming when all of a sudden I spot it close to me sneaking through the willows so I took a shot and put the coyote down as I didn't want the chase to go across the road onto land I couldn't hunt. I call it a stopper as the dogs will stop when they get to the coyote and I can catch them up after they get their reward. I walk in to pick up the coyote and Uno and Tina show up but they were not on any tracks, just bee lining it straight for me.
Both dogs walk up to the dead coyote give it a little sniff or two and then head back in the direction they just came from. Oh somethings not right here by the way they are behaving so I just walked back to the road and loaded up dead coyote then looked at my big screen tracker to see where those two went off to. I could see right to where it looked like they broke track to hark into me and when they got to that spot they started to hunt east and only went a short distance and Uno lite up and then Tina. Oh, I got it now they were running two coyotes to me! The dogs gave a good chase in the section baying up the coyote several times and I just hoped they get closer to the road so walk in would not be that far in the deep snow and I could dump the rest of the dogs and end it.
After about a hour or so they finally got coyote close to the road in some thick willows and the dam thing back doored me and got into another section where I couldnt hunt that 1/4 of it. I got out of the truck and grabbed Uno when he came up on the track and put him in the truck and then called Tina and she came back to the truck as well. Loaded everyone up and called it a day.

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